Why don’t WE be the judge!

1st Jul 2015

Some of the crew recently decided to make a night of it, by gathering a group of super salty people to go and spice up the night at the Daddy Long Legs Hotel – Down in Cape Town Long Street. It was an awesome evening where we got to eat yummy potjiekos and drink tasty beer.

We had to choose our favorite pot, and it was not an easy exercise.. From the lamb pot to the chicken bacon pot, we were torn about who should win..



Among the many highlights of the night – I can definitely say – that this was one of the most surprising/weird/gross moments.

They call it Walky Talkys. It is when they deep fry the chicken feet and head and eat it. I cringe to the sound or thought of it! Wine flies drew the attention by serving these as starters together with some Saltycrax and cream cheese. (I’l just take some normal people food please :P)

By the end of the night we had tried a variety of weird and wonderful foods and had a great night with the rest of Cape Town – but hey, this is what we are all about. Meeting  new people, socializing with the rest of the world and having fun!

Cheers to Cape Town,

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team!



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