Got 99 problems and beer solves all of ‘em!

8th Jul 2015

This weekend we bid farewell to the Mama of our SAVE team by taking her on a fantastical adventure to taste the delicious beers of Cape Town.

Craft brewing is becoming immensely popular in South Africa with more and more people designing and creating their own brand of beer and putting them out there for the world to taste and talk about. With so many different flavours and styles and with breweries opening up every month, people have pretty much created a beer to suit anyone.

We made our way with the great King Julian of Out There Tours to kick start our tour at the well – known SAB (South African Brewery), where we learned about the beer making process, the brands that SAB makes, and the process after the beer leaves the brewery bottled, packaged and ready for the shelves. We had a great knowledgeable guide, 5 great tasters at the end of the tour and 2 complimentary draught beers of our choice.IMG_20150704_160817_edit

Next stop was Riot Beer. Riot Beer is a brew bar making “real beer for the thrill seeker”. Riot Beer is based in an area fast developing into South Africa’s premier brewing neighbourhood as more and more breweries are establishing themselves in this Cape Town suburb. Riot Beer’s frontline beers are full-on USA style hoppy beers with powerful flavour proportions .They also do limited batches of single hop IPA’s (Indian pale ales).

teamAfter seeing the comparison from a large brewery to a home/shop based smaller one,  we took a short drive down to the Taproom.

The Taproom is an inviting pub and restaurant which showcases the latest creations from Devil’s Peak Brewing Company. We decided on an amazing presentation of what was their craft beer and food pairing board. They served us 5 unique beers which included bold, American IPAs to light and easy drinking session ales. These were paired with delicious delicacies made in the Taproom restaurant. If you aren’t much of a connoisseur when it comes to food & beer pairing then go for one of their amaaaazing main or starter meals which looked completely mouth-watering as they drifted passed us to each table.
We took an easy drive back home where King Julian dropped us back at the hostel to let our beer filled bellies relax from a hard day of work 😉

Next time you thinking of something fun to do with your weekend – grab a group of friends and let out there tours take you on a Day full of fun.

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