Thirst-day, you say?

4th Jun 2015

So you have probably heard of or even experienced for yourself a Thursday night with the crew from Saltys. If you haven’t, well then you have some catching up to do…and, whatever you heard is true!

What are we talking about you ask?

Well, you see. We have this unwritten tradition of making our name at the Thirsty Turtle down on Beachfront every Thirst-day night. With awesome buy one – get one free specials, why wouldn’t we?


But besides that, there are more reasons why we love to show our guests what Table View’s nightlife has to offer. To us it’s all about getting to know our guests on a personal level. Really feeling like when they leave they have enjoyed their time and made a ton of memories here. Meeting the locals. Getting a true Cape Tonian experience. Finding out about the things you can’t find on google. Making life-long friends. That’s what it’s all about…


There’s other super cool things about supporting local businesses.


  • Doodles Beachfront – Supports SAVE Foundation every year with donations for their annual Surf competition
  • Buckleys Table View – Hosts our 100 club fundraiser where all proceeds go to the SAVE Foundation.
  • Thirsty Turtle – Their DJ lost his eyesight in 2002 in an accident. He went on to study Sound Engineering and pursue a career in Sound – all without eyesight! He now does talks for schools and volunteers for the National Rescue center.

thirsty 2


So even if you’re here for a night, or a week, or a month. There’s somewhere to be or go or something like that 😉


See you guys tonight for yet another one for the books!

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