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3 ways to overcome your fear of heights

You’ll be surprised to know just how many people have acrophobia – the fear of heights – even in its mildest form. Acrophobia causes them to feel dizzy when looking from a tall building or getting butterflies when standing on a high balcony. However, many people choose to “combat” this fear by simply ignoring it without realising how counterproductive this strategy truly is.

This fear’s believed to be an evolutionary trait, whereby people instinctively get scared of heights and steep drops as a means of ensuring survival, and although fear in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does, however, become unhealthy when it starts controlling your life.

If practised regularly, these few steps can help you overcome your fear of heights:


Prepare yourself

If you know that you are about to enter a situation that will require you to be at a height, try to prepare yourself as best you can. Take a few moments to close your eyes and envision yourself secure in the situation. Remind yourself that it doesn’t pose any threat to your safety. Also, make sure to go through all the necessary safety precautions.

It can be challenging to reason once the moment has arrived and you begin to panic, so mentally preparing yourself is especially important to ensure you stay calm and focused in the heat of the situation.


Take your time

Although it is essential to confront and conquer your fear, trying to go beyond your capabilities too quickly will only make your concern a lot more traumatising. So, make sure to go at your pace you are comfortable with, pushing yourself bit by bit.


Remember to breathe

When faced with nerve-racking situations, people often forget to breathe. However, this ends up worsening the symptoms of fear. Focusing on breathing normally will not only calm you but will also help take your mind off your fear as well. 

The truth is that there is no “easy way” to overcome your fear, but each little success of tackling it head-on will give you the courage to undertake the next challenge and will leave you feeling empowered in the process.